Mind the Gap: Can Inbound Do it All?

Author: Dan McDade, President and CEO at PointClear
Posted: August 14th, 2014

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Inbound marketing delivers, but it's vital to measure cost-per-lead and conversion rates to truly understand this marketing mode's contribution to the bottom line. Careful inbound analysis reveals significant gaps that clearly show it's not a stand-alone tactic.

- A well-run inbound program realistically delivers 35% of the leads an enterprise needs to meet its numbers.
- Nurturing those inbound leads using a multi-touch, multi-media (phone, voicemail, email), multi-cycle approach boosts the lead rate an additional 11%.
- Including outbound in the marketing mix assures your organization generates the additional 54% of new business needed to achieve revenue goals.

To mind the gap and assure your pipeline is consistently filled with qualified opportunities requires a carefully designed "allbound" lead-generation program that embraces inbound, nurturing and outbound to optimize revenue.


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