AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Compensate to Motivate!

Author: Lee Salz, Founder Sales Architects
Posted: December 9th, 2014

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Compensate to Motivate!
How to Design the Right Sales Compensation Plan for Your Company

Nothing directs sales behavior more than how salespeople are paid. Get the plan right and it's bliss. Get it wrong and the law of unintended consequences takes over.

In this webinar, Lee B. Salz, best-selling author and sales management strategist, teaches you the keys to designing the right sales compensation plan for your company. Join us for an information-packed session to help you avoid common sales compensation mistakes.

You'll learn:
"¢ A business executive's favorite day of the month
"¢ The Sales Compensation Equilateral Triangle Modelâ„¢ – the tool to test the message in your compensation plan
"¢ Why nothing good comes from paying draws to salespeople
"¢ A unique sales compensation strategy that drives the sales behaviors you want
"¢ Why the expression"¦ "You're only as good as your last sale" is a fatal flaw when it comes to sales compensation

Lee Salz is the best-selling author of "Hire Right, Higher Profits" as well as several other business books and a leading sales management strategist. He has helped hundreds of companies experience explosive growth through the migration of their sales teams from "people-based" to "process-based." He is the founder and CEO of Sales Architects and Revenue Accelerator. Lee is also a featured columnist in the Business Journal, an Editorial Advisory Board Member of Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, and an Advisory Board member of the Sales Education Foundation.