AA-ISP Nashville Chapter: Receptivity

Author: Tom Stanfill, CEO and Co-Founder, Aslan Training
Posted: December 19th, 2014

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AA-ISP Nashville Chapter Meeting 12/11/14

Guest speaker: Tom Stanfill, Owner and Co-Founder of Aslan Training

Topic: "Receptivity - The #1 Barrier to Leadership & Selling Over the Phone"

Creating a relationship out of thin air is hard but it's nearly impossible over the phone. More than 90% of decision-makers when finding themselves on the other end of the line with a sales rep become exceptionally inventive as to why they have zero availability to discuss or need for a solution they can't spell - far less than when being approached face-to face. And it doesn't get much better when approaching the prospect via email. The results are almost the same but instead of delivering a well-crafted false objections to the unknown solution, they just simply hit delete. There is a better way. But it's counter intuitive to most everything you've learned about selling and influence. And it's not about making more calls or beefing up your value proposition. It's about bolstering receptivity.

Founding partner and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Stanfill has focused his 17 years of experience consulting and developing training programs for inside and field sales organizations. He is widely recognized as a thought leader in the field of account management, acquisition and growth. Tom has published numerous articles on the subject of selling and is a frequent speaker at the most prestigious industry shows. Prior to starting ASLAN, Tom founded and ran eS2 (Enterprise Sales Solutions) – a business-to-business contract sales force that was recognized as one of the 4th fastest growing company in its category. eS2 employed over one hundred sales representatives providing lead generation, account development, and inside sales support to its clients. With the combination of extensive sales and sales management experience and more than a decade focused on developing training programs, Tom is well positioned to provide strategic leadership to ASLAN and drive the ongoing creation of resources and solutions to help our clients be other centered.