5 Tips about Successful SDR - AE Relationships

Author: Ralph Barsi
Posted: March 6th, 2015

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Companies with Sales Development functions - where Sales Development Reps (SDRs) support Account Executives (AEs) - have an advantage: They efficiently tackle inbound and outbound efforts at scale, build fatter pipelines, develop a strong bullpen of future AEs, and close more deals.

When SDRs and AEs don't work closely together (in territories, on sales calls, or day-to-day), big advantages disappear and deals are lost. If the team is located far from each other, they must coalesce via phone, instant message, text, or Skype. Proximity is power.

The late, great Chet Holmes wrote, "Most companies leave far too much of the sales process to individual salespeople." He said, instead, "Work as a team, utilizing everyone's brain power to drill down, perfect, and "˜procedurize' each aspect of the sales process."

If you're lucky enough to have this function in your business, assign SDRs to two (no more than three) AEs, based on your business needs and marketplace. Use these 5 tips to ensure your SDR-AE relationships are on point.


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