AA-ISP Webinar: How to Run Your Sales Team Like a Data Scientist

Author: Steve McKenzie, Vice President of Sales, InsightSquared
Posted: June 25th, 2015

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AAISP WEBINAR SERIES: How to Run Your Sales Team Like a Data Scientist

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to B2B sales. And while these opinions are often valid and may prove to be correct, they're still just opinions. Any idea that's not backed up by solid data is an educated guess - not a fact. In this webinar, Steve McKenzie, Vice President of Sales at InsightSquared will discuss the importance of having an objective, metrics-based approach to sales management.

A must-attend session for sales managers, directors, and leaders looking to learn how to build consistent, data-driven sales processes, how to prioritize objective data over subjective opinions, and how to consistently integrate data into pipeline reviews and forecasting meetings in order to garner respect and trust as a leader (and to keep your sales people honest). After all, it's only logical: data beats opinions in every instance, including on your sales team.

Before joining InsightSquared, Steve spent six and a half years at enterprise cloud provider Mimecast where he wore many hats including VP of Strategic Accounts, VP of Sales UK & Europe, VP of Marketing North America. Prior to Mimecast Steve ran a media business in South Africa and in the early part of his career had roles in finance and sales. Steve has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and when he is not buried in his work he likes to keep fit and balance his other job as husband and father to three young boys.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at memberservices@aa-isp.org or call 1-800-604-7085 ext 130.


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