Sales Team Structures of 100 Leading Companies

Author: Steve W. Martin, Founder, Heavy Hitter Sales (& Coauthor Jorge Jeffrey, Director of Research & Analytics, Velocify)
Posted: August 6th, 2015

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Sales organizations can be very complex entities, and the possibilities and options available for structuring sales teams continues to grow. Clearly, no one structure works for every industry or business. To help organizations make the best decisions when structuring their sales teams, Velocify asked sales author and USC professor, Steve W. Martin, to find out exactly how top companies in high technology and business services are structuring their sales organizations and the scope of the roles of different sales groups.

What you will learn in this study:

"¢ The breakdown of sales teams by industry
"¢ The extent to which organizations are outsourcing sales functions
"¢ How inside sales works with field sales
"¢ Common practices for the structure and specialization of inside sales teams

Steve W. Martin is the author of the Heavy Hitter Sales Series. Expert on Sales Linguistics and the Psychology of Complex Enterprise Sales


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