Five Vital Sales Performance Metrics

Author: Steve W. Martin, Founder, Heavy Hitter Sales (& Coauthor Jorge Jeffrey, Director of Research & Analytics, Velocify)
Posted: August 24th, 2015

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Sales leaders often wonder how they compare to their peers and competitors. It is now possible for sales organizations to benchmark themselves against some of the most important sales metrics today. In this study, commissioned by Velocify and conducted by sales author and USC professor Steve W. Martin, top senior-level sales leaders from over 100 leading high technology and business services companies were surveyed and interviewed. This study focuses on five vital metrics which can help organizations with their planning and assessment efforts.

What you will learn in this study:

"¢ Sales quota achievement across organizations and industries
"¢ Average sales quota for inside and field sales in different industries
"¢ On-target earnings for inside and field sales
"¢ Average deal size for inside and field sales teams
"¢ Advantages of inside sales teams
"¢ Meaning behind the differences between inside and field sales performance metrics

Steve W. Martin is the author of the Heavy Hitter Sales Series. Expert on Sales Linguistics and the Psychology of Complex Enterprise Sales


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