AA-ISP International Webinar Series: Inside Sales is On Fire Across the Globe!

Author: Anneke Seley, Reality Works Group, Erik Hammar, AA-ISP International, Sudipta Mukherjee, WRP
Posted: August 27th, 2015

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AA-ISP INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR SERIES: Inside Sales is On Fire Across the Globe! The phenomenon of the Inside Sales expansion in the US is now spreading to every corner of the globe! Companies with offices or HQ's throughout Europe, South America, Asia and the Pacific Rim are eager to grow and leverage the capabilities of Inside Sales as a primary revenue channel! The opportunity for US companies to increase their international presence (in addition to EMEA, Asia/Pac, and other countries) to improve their performance when selling back into the US has never better.

Bob Perkins, Founder and Chairman of the AA-ISP (an International Association dedicated to the advancement of Inside Sales), hosts a lively panel discussion on best practices and tips for international based Inside Sales teams. Global Inside Sales experts, Anneke Seley, CEO & Founder Reality Works Group, Erik Hammar, VP – AA-ISP International, and Sudipta Mukherjee, Senior Partner at WRP, share their thoughts on some of the key trends and best practices for Inside Sales teams who are expanding their operations.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This webinar is geared towards Inside Sales leaders who currently sell internationally, or who are looking to expand into international geographies.

Anneke Seley
Anneke is the CEO and founder of modern sales consultancy Reality Works Group (formerly Phone Works), coauthor of Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology, and Advisory Board Member for the AA-ISP. She and her team have built or improved over 500 inside sales organizations, including Oracle's now multibillion USD global inside sales organization which has produced some of our era's greatest leaders (including Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff.) Anneke is the honored recipient of several industry awards, including AA-ISP's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sudipta Mukherjee
Sudipta is a Senior Partner at WRP. He shares dual responsibility in the firm, Consulting and Business Development. He brings to the team 14 years of various client facing leadership role experience in Sales, Business Development, Account Management. He has strong experience in large enterprise sales having worked with a leading global financial information company (Thomson Reuters) across Asia Pacific region. He has lead Inside Sales teams during his stint at Thomson Reuters with a book of business over USD 30 million. His experience spans across continents giving him great experience of sales, business development and market knowledge. He has passion for talent development and social development. He loves to spend time with his family, traveling, meeting people from various walks of life.

Erik Hammer
Erik has more than 20 years' experience of building and leading sales organizations, driving business development and strategic operations. He is a well-respected leader in his industry and spends most of his time between Stockholm, where he lives, London and New York. He has worked and lived in 6 different countries. He also has a background with startups from equities brokerage to the food and art industry. Most of his career he has spent in the world's largest information and news company, Thomson Reuters. He is used to working Internationally with various types of customers and cultures all over the world. Previous roles are in both field and inside sales, account management, business development, product development, marketing, strategic operations and general management. As a true International business executive he has spent years working across US, Asia, Continental Europe, Central Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has lived and studied in the US as well as marketing and advertising at the University of Stockholm, Sweden.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at memberservices@aa-isp.org or call 1-800-604-7085 ext 130.


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