AA-ISP Webinar: How to Double Your Sales Reps' Productivity

Author: Sean Burke, CEO, KiteDesk
Posted: September 30th, 2015

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Sales operations may be the unsung hero for sales teams of all sizes. They have a significant impact on your sales team's efficiency and success, and can double your sales team's productivity if a strong strategy is in place. This increase in sales productivity brings significant improvements across your team while decreasing costs and improving lead qualification. Join Sean Burke, CEO of KiteDesk, to double your productivity with these quick tips so you won't miss out on valuable opportunities that could turn into clients.

Sales reps, sales team leaders, sales managers, sales operations and sales administrators who want to keep their team focused to exceed quota in Q4.

Sean Burke is a seasoned sales and marketing executive who's quickly gaining recognition as a social sales pioneer. His belief that companies should be able to measure and cultivate the reach, efficacy and impact of all social connections has caught the attention of Forbes as well as dozens of Fortune 1000 sales organizations. Sean is a serial entrepreneur and founding member of 9 technology companies.

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