AA-ISP Webinar: 5 Simple Questions to Diagnose Your Sales Funnel Health

Author: Tom Snyder, Founder & Managing Partner, VorsightBP
Posted: November 19th, 2015

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Over the course of the past year, you've probably seen many sales opportunities stagnate at a particular stage of your sales funnel. But how many of those opportunities did you move back a stage?

This critical diagnostic question and several others can help you determine just how "healthy" your funnel really is.

As we enter the last weeks of the selling year, ask yourself: "Do I have a measure of my overall funnel health?" If you are like most sales professionals, sales managers or sales executives, your honest answer is "I don't know." However, if you're in that group you do know that too many deals have stalled, too few deals enter the top of the funnel and too few deals close without some form of discounting or give-away.

What if you were to find out that the answer to these frustrations and the answer to "funnel fitness" really isn't that complicated. What if you had five simple questions that would help you determine your funnel fitness?

Join us on this webinar with Tom Snyder, Founder & Managing Partner of VORSIGHTBP, and get new insight. It just might be that 2016 can be a lot less difficult than 2015.


Tom Snyder is the Founder and Managing Partner of VorsightBP, a sales effectiveness organization. Tom draws from more than 15 years of organizational alignment, sales strategy, and sales process consulting to amplify the sales performance of VorsightBP clients. Prior to co-founding VorsightBP, Tom served as the head of Huthwaite's research team, where he directed extensive examinations into the science of selling innovative and disruptive technologies, selling professional services, selling value in a variety of marketplaces, channel strategies and how modern selling needs to adapt in a data driven world.

Tom currently serves on three Boards of Directors, is Senior Sales Advisor/co-Founder at TeamVisibility.com, and serves as chairman of Business Performance Partners, LLC (a strategic partner of Miller Heiman, Persona Global Inc, Vantage Point Partners and Brightline Strategies.)

He is also listed among America's 100 Most Influential Sales Leaders, published by the Encyclopedia of Selling. He is an internationally known speaker who delivers talks to sales people and sales leaders across the globe each year. He authored a McGraw Hill best seller in late 2007 "Escaping The Price Driven Sale" and a follow-up book, in 2010 called "Selling in a New Market Space.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at memberservices@aa-isp.org or call 1-800-604-7085 ext 130.


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