AA-ISP Webinar Series: How the World’s Top Tech Companies are Killing it With Sales Development

Author: Gabe Larsen, Director of Sales Acceleration, InsideSales.com
Posted: April 14th, 2016

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Sales development is one of the hottest sales trends of 2016. In order to capitalize on this movement, companies must understand how to set up and optimize this important function.

In this webinar with Gabe Larsen, Director Sales Acceleration Services at InsideSales.com, you’ll learn how the world’s top tech companies are:
• Defining sales development
• Structuring their sales development function
• Hiring, training and paying their sales development team
• Optimizing their sales development technology stack

• Sales Leaders
• Sales Development Leaders
• Sales Development Reps
• Sales Operation Leaders

Having trouble with your sales development team? Wondering how to get your sales development function from 1st to 2nd gear? Interested to know how your sales development team compares to top sales development teams? This webinar is for you.

Gabe joined InsideSales.com with over 15 years of experience in revenue generation, from helping financial clients price and trade complex derivatives to helping multi-national organizations penetrate new markets. As Director of InsideSales.com’s Sales Acceleration Services, Gabe’s expertise has helped over 200 clients solve the biggest problems in the Sales Acceleration space.

After co-founding his own company in partnership with Dave Elkington, current CEO of InsideSales.com, Gabe worked at Accenture and then joined Goldman Sachs as an Equity Derivatives Specialist. There, he oversaw complex financial instruments traded on the London and Hong Kong exchanges. During the financial crisis, Gabe witnessed firsthand the devastation poor decision-making caused his clients. This experience taught him the importance of using data to drive and support human decision-making. He joined Nobel Prize winner and world-famous behavioral economist, Daniel Kahneman, at Gallup and spent four years as an international strategic consultant working with clients like Toyota, Honda, Heinz, IKEA and TD Ameritrade. Gabe helped establish Gallup’s Middle East presence and doubled the region’s revenue in his first year.

Gabe also established himself as an international expert, speaker and thought leader by writing and speaking about inside selling and its ability to drive predictable revenue.

His specialties include: high-velocity sales, inside sales, hiring and motivating stars, sales process optimization, sales development optimization, social selling, predictive and prescriptive analytics, sales structure optimization (sales specialization), sales acceleration technology, pipeline management and forecasting.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at memberservices@aa-isp.org or call 1-800-604-7085 ext 130.


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