AA-ISP Webinar: High-Velocity Selling in a New Era of Differentiation

Author: Jennifer Brandenburg, CRO, LiveHive
Posted: May 4th, 2016

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Managing a high-velocity sales team requires different strategies from the traditional sales model in order to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition. A different discipline in leadership, processes, and measurement is critical to be successful.

Join sales leader and expert, Jennifer Brandenburg, CRO for LiveHive, as she walks through the steps to create a high-velocity selling model.

Sales Leaders who wish to learn how to:
• Establish discipline within the team to drive processes and exceed quotas
• Experiment with different sales technologies and management tactics
• Strategically leverage relationships to help stack the deck in your favor
• Think forward and future fit your team for high-powered growth

With more than 20 years of deep enterprise sales experience managing sales operations and growing sales organizations in the high technology industry. Jennifer has led sales organizations at early stage startups to large enterprise companies worldwide, including serving as regional VP, CRM OnDemand sales at Oracle Corporation where she increased ASP by 100 and closed over $16 million in revenue annually.


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