Executive Webinar: 3 Signs That Digital Sales Is Here To Stay And How To Use It To Grow Revenue

Author: Bob Perkins & Brian Lipp
Posted: June 23rd, 2016

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Accenture found that today, 94% of B2B buyers conduct research online before buying a product. Furthermore, 84% of C-Level/Vice-President executives use social media to support purchasing decisions.

The modern buyer is more digitally driven than ever before. How is your sales team adapting to reach the buyer where they are conducting due diligence - online?

In this session, Brian Lipp, VP Sales for Sales for Life is joined by Bob Perkins, Founder and Chairman of AA-ISP, to discuss three major digital sales trends that are disrupting the sales ecosystem that we have grown accustomed to.

-Why digital has become a primary sales channel
-Which skills are required to sell to the modern buyer
-How to leverage technology and dramatically increase revenue

Bob Perkins, Chairman & Founder, AA-ISP
A nationally-recognized inside sales innovator, Bob Perkins has extensive executive experience building and leading highly successful inside sales organizations. During his career he has created unique inside sales systems and structures which have been adopted by many of the nation's largest companies.

Brian Lipp, VP Sales, Sales For Life
Brian brings 10+ years of global sales, business development, and strategy experience in market intelligence, digital media, and consulting to Sales for Life. He challenges the status quo and never stops learning to help you grow.

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