AA-ISP Webinar Series: 5 Critical Changes to Make Your Sales Enablement Strategy Millennial Ready

Author: Lisa Clark, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Qstream
Posted: August 11th, 2016

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Much has been written about the growing influence of millennials in the workforce. When it comes to sales, MIlllennials have a lot going for them, and in fact, many of their most prevalent characteristics (ie: comfort with new technologies, a desire for purposeful work and recognition, entrepreneurial drive) make them a natural fit.

So why are so many companies using the same old training and development approaches with their Millennial team members? Sales leaders must take steps now to evolve their onboarding and enablement programs in ways that satisfy the needs of this critical demographic while supporting the creation of a high-velocity, high-performance team.

Join Lisa Clark, VP of Marketing & Business Development for Qstream, as she shares the most important considerations for developing a millennial-friendly sales enablement approach.

Sales development and enablement pros who wish to:
- Better understand the demands and preferences of Millennial sales professionals
- Build a forward-thinking sales enablement strategy that supports and motivates Millennials for both knowledge and skills development
- Future-proof their sales technology stack with Millennial-preferred mobile applications
- Apply data and analytics for accelerated sales team performance

Lisa’s focus is on establishing Qstream’s acclaimed platform in fast-growth market sectors worldwide. She has 20 years of experience building high-value software companies, brands, and marketshare. Prior to Qstream, she led marketing for several successful early stage software startups, including Avid Technology and Centra Software, and was responsible for successful repositioning, product launches and pipeline growth at Bottomline Technologies and The FeedRoom. At Qstream, she is a frequent industry presenter and author on topics of improving sales performance. Lisa holds a journalism degree from The American University in Washington DC, and a Masters in business communication from Simmons College in Boston.

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