AA-ISP Webinar Series: 5 Ways Sales Enablement Can Help Inside Sales

Author: John Tintle, Director of Content & Comm & Haley Katsman, Director of Inside Sales, Highspot
Posted: December 1st, 2016

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In larger, best-of-breed sales organizations, Sales Enablement teams have become the group chartered with increasing sales team performance through all means possible. These teams are looking at people, processes, content and technology to improve sales team efficiency and effectiveness, and the outcome has been stunning!

Industry leading sales teams use sales enablement best practices to drive 50% better revenue growth, 90% team quota attainment, and faster sales.

In working with hundreds of companies, thousands of sellers and the industry’s best analysts, our Presenters, John Tintle and Haley Katsman of Highspot, have developed the short list of improvements that have the greatest impact on sales performance. These steps can be broken down into 5 categories; training, content, customer engagement, analysis and technology. In this webinar, they’ll walk through each step and talk about how to implement them for maximum gain.

Join us in this webinar to learn five specific, tactical tips to improving the performance of your Inside Sales team and by extension, conversion rates.

John Tintle, Director of Content & Communications for Highspot, has a current mission to elevate the role of sales enablement to a critical business function charged with driving radical improvement in sales effectiveness.

As Director of Inside Sales, Haley Katsman is responsible for building a world-class Account Development and Inside Sales team at the industry-leading Sales Enablement software company, Highspot.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at memberservices@aa-isp.org or call 1-800-604-7085 ext 130.


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