AA-ISP Webinar Series: The Secret to Building a Sales Enablement Powerhouse

Author: Alex Jaffe, Manager, Sales Enablement, Procore & Marc Wendling, VP of Sales, MindTickle
Posted: February 7th, 2017

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In this webinar, learn a proven, easy-to-implement sales enablement formula that will make your sales reps successful.

• The overall enablement strategy to improve the performance of your sales teams
• Role of Stakeholders, Technology and Data in the enablement strategy
• How to approach your enablement efforts at each stage of a sales rep’s development (Onboarding - Ongoing- Reinforcements)
• Why enabling managers is as important as training your reps
• How enablement can be made personalized for each employee
• How to identify and resolve any gaps in your methods

Alex Jaffe, Manager, Sales Enablement, Procore Technologies
Alex manages the sales enablement initiatives for Procore Technologies, the most popular construction management software in the world. His team exists to equip and empower the Procore sales organization to be the most feared and elite in the industry.

Marc Wendling, VP of Sales, MindTickle
Marc brings over 18 years of sales experience to his role of VP of Sales at MindTickle. Over the course of his career, Marc has been responsible for building and leading sales teams – both inside and out in the field. Prior to MindTickle, Marc was responsible for leading corporate sales at Sumo Logic and ClearSlide, where he consistently received accolades for his ability to earn customer trust and deliver exceptional sales results.

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