AA-ISP Webinar Series: Modern Metrics for Prospecting Success

Author: Tom Snyder, Founder, Funnel Clarity
Posted: March 1st, 2017

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In order to achieve revenue goals, organizations today need a productive outbound prospecting strategy. These strategies often ask key questions about the top of the funnel:

"How many leads are enough?"
"How do I know my team is on-track?"
"How effective are they?"
"What are the right targets?"

Join Tom Snyder of Funnel Clarity as he shares benchmarks, data and a process to identify areas of improvement.

Tom Snyder is the founder of Funnel Clarity; a training and consulting company formerly known as VorsightBP. Snyder’s passion is helping companies achieve measurable sales performance improvement. Previously, Snyder spent 10 years with the sales training firm Huthwaite International, culminating in the role of CEO. He later founded Business Performance Partners, a sales and strategy consulting firm that evolved into Funnel Clarity.

Snyder is a sought after international speaker and was named one of the Most Influential Sales Leaders. He has authored two McGraw Hill best sellers, “Escaping the Price Driven Sale” (2007) and “Selling in a New Market Space” (2010).

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