AA-ISP Webinar Series: Social Selling and How to Get Started

Author: Julie Howlett, SMB Sales Manager, LinkedIn
Posted: May 3rd, 2017

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Conventional sales tactics are getting in the way of building the types of productive relationships that lead to strong bookings and sustained growth. Why? The process isn't focused on the entire buying committee, doesn't expose critical business challenges of the buyer, and doesn't encourage reps to build long-term relationships.

But how do you even get started?

Join LinkedIn's Julie Howlett as she reviews the pitfalls of conventional sales tactics and shows why the time to move to social selling is now.

You'll learn:
• Key behaviors associated with social selling
• How to target the right buyers
• Ways to better understand your target clients
• Why warm introductions and ongoing engagement are imperative to driving your business forward
• How to get your social selling program off the ground!

Julie Howlett, SMB Sales Manager at LinkedIn
Julie Howlett is the Regional Manager of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn in North America, where she leads a team of sales professionals dedicated to transforming the way sales and business development professionals gain business intelligence and identify warm pathways into their prospects through LinkedIn. Julie previously led the financial services vertical for LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions business in Canada, and prior to that, led sales teams at AOL and Astral Media.

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