AA-ISP Training Tuesday: How to Write Unforgettable Sales Emails That Will Impress the C-Suite

Author: Heather R Morgan, CEO, SalesFolk
Posted: August 8th, 2017

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Do you write sales emails to set meetings with qualified leads, or manage salespeople who do? In this Training Tuesday, SalesFolk's CEO, Heather R Morgan, shares five proven cold email tips that have helped over 500 B2B sales teams add millions of dollars to their pipeline. In this session, attendees also took advantage of an amazing opportunity to have Heather review and critique their own sales email templates live! This replay is a wonderful chance to revise and polish the templates and tools already in your digital arsenal.

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ABOUT OUR SPEAKER Heather R Morgan, CEO, SalesFolk Heather is also known as “the economist who bitches about cold emails”. Heather is the CEO and founder of SalesFolk, a consultancy that helps B2B organizations create highly scalable email campaigns that still sound like one-on-one conversations. In the last three years, Salesfolk has helped 490+ companies optimize their response rates, adding millions of dollars to their sales revenue.

TRAINING TUESDAY HOST Richard Harris, Owner, The Harris Consulting Group


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