AA-ISP Webinar Series: How to Train Sales Reps and Marketers in Account-Based Everything

Author: Shawnna Sumaoang, Director of Marketing, Highspot
Posted: August 17th, 2017

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Account-based Marketing (ABM) and Account-based Sales Development (ABSD) are better together—but only if your sales and marketing teams are aligned with sales enablement. Once you have a marketing infrastructure in place, ongoing sales training is critical to long term success in an Account-based world.

Join this webinar to learn how to develop and deploy a training approach for using sales enablement in an Account-based world. 
  • Acknowledge and explain the strategic shift in “how things have always been done” to your new Account-based sales enablement processes 
  • Infuse the concept of group decision-making and differing personas at the buyer level to help inform content creation and sales meeting strategies 
  • Implement alignment between the buyer’s journey and your sales process 
  • Establish roles and responsibilities with prescribed connection points between activities and revenue 
  • Set up benchmarks and both qualitative and quantitative feedback about your training and processes
Shawnna Sumaoang, Director of Marketing, Highspot 
Shawnna is Director of Marketing at Highspot. Her background is in strategic development and execution of marketing and communications programs in the technology industry. Shawnna's current mission is to elevate the role of the sales enablement to a critical business function charged with driving radical improvement in sales effectiveness.


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