AA-ISP International Webinar: Learn How to Accelerate Growth in B2B through Inside Sales

Author: AA-ISP Benelux Chapter
Posted: September 14th, 2017

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The route to market strategy in B2B is rapidly changing to Inside Sales. Current ISR's are often using traditional process-driven single-channel outreach. When you embrace traditional and social mixed outreach, it will accelerate growth. Should they be selling or engaging? How to set this up? Join this webinar to discover what you need to assess, create or change to high-performing omni-channel Inside Sales ready for the furture.


  • AA-ISP: view on global role of Inside Sales
  • Why should you change your route to market?
  • What should you assess, create or adjust?
  • How to implement quick wins?
  • How can we make this future ready?


Ronald Bottema, Managing Director Salesmarketeer BV, AA-ISP Benelux Chapter Officer

Ronald is founder of Salesmarketeer BV, supplying inside sales outsourcing and training services. Salesmarketeer has gained a leading role in inside sales in B2B ICT in the Netherlands. Ronald has many years of local and international experience in demand generation and inside sales in companies as IBM, EY and agency Cantab. It's his mission to bring this inside sales role to a higher level. A salesmarketeer in his vision is de actual BDR of today. In his spare time Ronald enjoys concerts and running.



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