AA-ISP Webinar Series: The Single Reason Sales Leaders Miss Their Number (and What to Do About It)

Author: Amit Bendov, CEO, Gong
Posted: November 29th, 2017

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In this webinar, Amit Bendov (CEO of Gong) explains why the gap between your star reps and the middle-of-the-pack is the number one reason sales leaders miss their revenue targets (and what to do about it in 2018 to make sure it doesn't happen).


  • Why the VP of Sales' average job tenure has shrunk from 26 months down to 19 months over the last few years
  • How the performance gap leads creates expensive turnover among your sales team (average cost: $97,000)
  • Why your cost of sales balloons the larger this performance gap grows
  • Why all of these problems multiply as your sales team grows and scales
  • Conventional solutions to "closing the gap," and why they fail without one key ingredient
  • The root cause of the performance gap, and how to fix it
  • Specific things you can do to shift the effectiveness of your middle-of-the-pack reps

Join this session to learn the number one priority sales leaders are focused on going into 2018.


Amit Bendov, is co-founder and CEO of Gong.io - the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. Previously, Amit served as CEO of SiSense and CMO of Panaya Software.


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