AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Outbound Sales - Focus on the Fundamentals

Author: Ryan Reisert, Sales Bootcamp & Rex Biberston, Rexb.co
Posted: January 9th, 2018

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Learn what it takes to build an outbound sales program that works in today's modern sales environment.

Join us to learn these actionable takeaways:  

  • Focus on solving problems not pitching product 
  • Stay in your swimlane 
  • Persona-based messaging 
  • Where to find and engage your prospects
  • Bucket your leads to prioritize your activities and maximize productivity 
  • Understand your funnel metrics to optimize results 

Training Tuesday Host:

Richard Harris, Owner, The Harris Consulting Group


Ryan Reisert, Sales Bootcamp
Rex Biberston, Rexb.co


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