AA-ISP Training Tuesday: 5 Steps to Build a Winning KPI System for SDRs

Author: Rebecca Holland, Gong
Posted: March 13th, 2018

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Who should attend: 

Any Sales Leader dependent upon or responsible for the results of an SDR team:

CROs, Sales Development Leaders, Business Development Leaders, Inside Sales Leaders, Account Executive Leaders, VPs of Sales, Directors of Sales, Managers of Sales etc. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to align SDR and AE incentives to maximize the Demand Generation Funnel
  • How to boost influenced revenue through a KPI system for SDRs
  • How to build a KPI system that accurately measures the effectiveness of an SDR
  • Examples of Winning KPI Systems for Inbound, Outbound & Allbound SDRs

Topics Covered in This Session:

  • Factors SDRs can affect in their outreach for Inbound Leads (Demo & Non-Demo MQLs)
  • Factors SDRs can affect in their outreach for Outbound Leads
  • Behaviors you want to encourage when handling Inbound & Outbound MQLs 

Training Tuesday Host:

Larry Reeves, AA-ISP


Rebecca Holland, Gong.io

"I'm a homegrown Texan that originally came from a marketing background and started my career in a closing and full-cycle role. 

I made a industry change into tech, and became an SDR originally thinking that I would cross back over an AE role once I had a better grasp on the industry. 

I then went into a team lead role, and piggy-backed the SDR concept from the US into EMEA, APAC, and LATAM and fell in love with the concept of SD along the way because of the potential that it has-

I'm now running a SDR team for Gong, but want to focus on re-developing the concept of Sales Development to ensure it provides the tangible value and relevance I know it can deliver.

The most important topics for me:
1. KPIing SDRs to encourage best behavior and align incentives with the AEs
2. Closing the gap between AEs and SDRs
3. Closing the gap between Marketing and SDRs
4. Making the Demand Generation Funnel an Actual Funnel through incentivizing.
5. Developing SDRs to provide value by having the mindset of a AE and CEO within their day-to-day
6. Valuing SDRs through training
7. Enabling SDRs to achieve their career goals through the type of training to which you expose them."

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