AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Mastering the Breakthrough Script

Author: Chris Beall, ConnectAndSell
Posted: April 10th, 2018

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Cold calling is fundamentally challenging; from getting connected, to overcoming awkward starts, to dealing with all those objections, to scheduling a meeting. But you can make the cold calling experience both easier and more productive by combining a simple script with the right mindset.

Whether your job calls for having first conversations or for managing and coaching those on the front lines, you'll benefit from this deep dive into "Five Sentences That Will Change Your Life." Chris Beall will share:

-  How to construct a five-sentence breakthrough script that matches the value you want to provide.
-  Getting into — and staying in — the mindset to make the most of your precious at-bats.
-  Why talking about your product kills your odds of getting a meeting.
-  What to do when the breakthrough script feels broken.

This session is all about getting consistent cold calling results and knowing what to do when your technique or results need a tune-up. 

Training Tuesday Host:

Richard Harris, The Harris Consulting Group


Chris Beall, ConnectAndSell


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