AA-ISP Training Tuesday: How To Leverage 'Personality' As Your Competitive Advantage in Sales

Author: Dianna Gearin & Shawn Karol Sandy, The SellOut Show
Posted: May 8th, 2018

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How can sellers express their personal brand (and not fall into the "persona" trap) while gaining the attention and loyalty of their busy prospects? Sales leaders need to help reps create continuity of company brand experience across channels while still supporting individual creativity and expression to attract and retain top-performing sales reps.

In this fun and energetic session, you'll learn: 

  • WHY "Personality" is a competitive advantage that helps you close sales faster, attract/retain sales talent, and improve revenue
  • WHAT Sales Leaders need to do to coach, support and encourage team members on how to develop and leverage their unique personalities
  • HOW to leverage sales tools to express personality and get the attention of your busy buyer!

WHO should attend: 

Sellers who want a competitive advantage in their field and who sometimes struggle to get their buyer’s attention.

Sales Leaders who want to coach teams to higher performance in earned appointments, closed deals, and longer-term engagements – while attracting and retaining top talent.

Training Tuesday Host:

Richard Harris, The Harris Consulting Group


Dianna Gearin, The Irreverent Sales Girl
Shawn Karol Sandy, The Selling Agency

...from popular videocast, The SellOut Show



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