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AA-ISP Webinar Series: How to Take Your Leads and Convert them to Revenue… FAST!

Author: PANEL: Jim Lochry, Ken Jisser, Dan McDade, Bob Perkins
Posted: May 9th, 2018

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The recent 2018 AA-ISP Top Challenges and Trends research indicates that leads, and their resulting ROI, remain a top challenge for inside/digital sales organizations.  From pre-call research through the discovery call, to forecast and revenue, getting enough leads that produce real results seems tougher than ever. 

What we will cover:

  • How to build a better qualified pipeline faster
  • Ways to increase your conversion rate
  • How to shorten your sales cycle
  • Ways to Improve marketing’s ROI on leads

This fast-paced session will be panel style, which means we will be taking your questions and answering them REAL TIME. If you are unable attend, register and we will send you playback info following the live panel.


Dan McDade, Author of The Truth About Leads & From Chaos to Kickass, President, PointClear
Jim Lochry, SVP, ConnectLeader
Ken Jisser, AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter President & CEO & Founder, ThePipelineGroup
Hosted by: Bob Perkins, AA-ISP



Lead Qualification, Prospecting


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