Technology Industry Predictions for 2018

Author: Sean Ryan, Alexander Group
Posted: September 5th, 2018

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In 2017, the technology industry experienced another year of tumultuous change. The industry is moving more rapidly than ever toward XaaS, while marketing, sales and service models struggle to accommodate the pace of change. Industry leaders will face a variety of challenges and imperatives in 2018 as the landscape continues to evolve.

Successfully navigating the XaaS buyer journey (identify, land, expand, adopt, renew) creates significant challenges for both legacy and relatively new technology arrivals. Established technology companies must evolve, often by abandoning traditionally successful practices that will ultimately hinder revenue growth in a XaaS environment. On the other hand, newer, “born-in-cloud” companies must focus on expediently driving to scale and profitability within their go-to-customer capabilities, supporting operations and enablement. Both challenges are particularly daunting in the midst of
increasing competition and empowering customers with information.

To thrive, technology companies must accelerate the speed of migration and optimization in their existing go-to-customer models. Companies must focus and prioritize by addressing the core challenges that the Alexander Group (AGI) believes will dominate the technology sector in 2018.


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