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AA-ISP Training Tuesday: From Rock Star to Movie Star: Better Social Selling with Video

Author: Charles Moreton, Videolicious
Posted: September 11th, 2018

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Social selling is no longer optional, and modern sales organizations need to stand out in order to reach modern buyers. Video is the solution. Not only is video the most engaging and most popular form of content available today, but it also creates real connections with buyers that engage them emotionally while opening doors to meaningful sales conversations on social channels that help close deals. Join us and learn how video is revolutionizing the way we engage and sell to buyers online and how to make video a part of a winning social selling strategy.

Training Tuesday Host:

Ashley Becker, AA-ISP


Charles Moreton, Videolicious



B2B Sales, Prospecting, Sales Tools


Video, Communication, Prospecting, E-mail, Follow up, Appointments, Relationship, Follow ups, Appointment Setting, Face to Face, After Meeting, Introduction, Message, Social Selling