AA-ISP Training Tuesday: 4 Ways to Kick Off 2019 with a Bang

Author: Ryan Longfield, Gong
Posted: January 8th, 2019

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In our first Training Tuesday of the new year, you’ll learn strategies on how your sales team can kickstart their 2019. 

Along with ideas on how to create a memorable and actionable SKO, our Presenter Ryan Longfield, with Gong, will share ideas on resolutions your team should make (and keep), as well as how to boost sales throughout 2019:

  • When and how to define key initiatives that will prepare you for your most impactful year yet
  • Strategies to ensure initiatives are maintained long after the first 90 days of the year
  • How to create an actionable, memorable SKO that will set your team up to win big throughout 2019
  • Mistakes to avoid when putting shape and structure to your most important sales meeting of the year

Training Tuesday Host:

Richard Harris, The Harris Consulting Group


Ryan Longfield, Gong


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