AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Contacts & Context: Who's Who in the Deal Review?

Author: Chris Ortolano, Outbound Edge & AA-ISP Portland Chapter Co-President
Posted: March 12th, 2019

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Your CRM is great for tracking contacts, but not for developing context.

As time drags on, assumptions start to derail opportunities. Complex deals require stakeholder management to get beyond the bottlenecks.

Learn how to build a stakeholder matrix, use commercial insights to gain new information, then get all the cards on the table before the "closing" call.

Participants will complete a stakeholder canvas, then get to engage in a mock "high-pressure" review based on common deal and risk factors.

Audience takeaways include mapping stakeholder priorities to start developing consensus before deals start to stall.

Training Tuesday Host:

Jen Gergen, AA-ISP


Chris Ortolano, Outbound Edge


B2B Sales, Coaching, Sales Process, Sales Tools, Sales Training


Opportunity, Techniques, Sales Skills, Qualifying, Relationship, Problem solving, Building a Pipeline, Methods, Pipelines, Technology, Role play, Tools, Effectiveness, Time Investment


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