AA-ISP Webinar Series: Sales is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Kind of Job

Author: Jay Greaves & Suchi Pathak, Aptology
Posted: April 4th, 2019

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Selling is a specialized profession which requires more than years on paper to be successful. Know what behaviors are the right fit for your company. AI/Machine Learning when combined with Behavioral Science and Sales Performance Data formulate a role-specific model to develop, define and grow top-performing Sales Teams.

In this session, we will talk about:

  • the effects of BIAS in the workplace and the outcome it has on growing a successful team
  • how to improve diversity when unconscious biases are removed
  • how AI/Machine learning can out ‘process’ the human brain
  • aligning sales-rep strengths with the right sales role
  • how training is having little effect on quota attainment and what can be done to change that


Jay Greaves & Suchi Pathak, Aptology



Sales Training


FIT, AI & Machine Learning, BIAS, diversity, Performance