AA-ISP Training Tuesday: What Cool Runnings Can Teach Us About Aligning Revenue Teams

Author: Tim Harris, DialSource
Posted: April 9th, 2019

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Jamaican bobsleds, Disney movies, and your Organization's revenue team. What do these disparate things have in common? You might be surprised, but probably more than you think. Our webinar will show you how the 1993 Jamaican Bobsledding movie Cool Runnings isn't just a great sports flick, it's actually an excellent metaphor for any organization who is looking to improve their revenue growth and strengthen their marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

In this webinar, you will see how functioning as a solo operator can actually be the downfall of a department—and ultimately, a whole organization. You will understand how teamwork, collaboration, and practice can lead to improved lead generation and boosted sales and retention results. You will take a look at just what victories can happen if you figure out how to successfully integrate and align departments at your company. And, you can learn how to best help your stumbling organization by relying on people throughout your entire organization, not just those who work closest to you.

If you love Cool Runnings and you are uplifted by its message, OR, if you want to grow your business, OR, if you find yourself agreeing to both of the above, this is will be a great webinar for you.

Training Tuesday Host:

Bob Perkins, AA-ISP


Tim Harris, DialSource


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