3 Quick Tips to Help You “Sell the Value” of Inside Sales

Author: Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman AA-ISP
Posted: May 3rd, 2019

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Although many organizations see their Inside Sales organization as essential if not a mandatory channel, many still struggle with demonstrating the value.  Here are 3 quick tips which can help you “sell the value” of Inside Sales.

TIP #1:  SHOWCASE – Those who do not understand or see the value in Inside Sales is often due to the fact that they don’t really understand what they do.  To overcome this, create a type of Open house event, or “showcase”, where you invite in sr leaders to observe and see first hand what sales reps actual do.  Your agenda can be as simple as this:

  • All hands meeting – (highlight both current initiatives, goals for the week/month and successes)
  • Ride-alongs – provide ample time for the leaders to observe or even listen in to several outbound calls.  Allow them time to soak in the “buzz” of a room filled with active outbound calls and conversations.
  • Leader Forum – conclude the session with an opportunity for the leaders to give there feedback on what they observed.

TIP #2: COMMUNICATE  – Nothing goes further than sr leaders hearing about positive accomplishments and sales wins.  Each month you should publish a type of “win report” highlighting those key sales accomplishments and deals.  Copy in the sr leadership team so they see a consistent flow of positive outcomes coming form Inside Sales.  Encourage sr leaders to congratulate the reps with those key wins.

TIP #3:  THE QBR – The Quarterly Business Review is a traditional process with most field sales organizations.  If you are not doing one already with your Inside Sales team, you should start immediately.  In addition, you should invite the field sales leadership and corporate leadership to participate in yours.  Executing on an effective Inside Sales QBR will send a message that Inside Sales is every bit as critical as field sales.  It also will demonstrate your attention and focus on activity, KPI’s and revenue attainment.  It is not uncommon for senior leaders to walk away impressed around your rigor and attention to detail and results!

Happy Selling!