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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Author: Mr. Inside Sales
Posted: April 15th, 2019

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We’ve all been taught that practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t. If it did, then we’d all be great golfers, tennis players, and sales reps. But we aren’t, are we?

The truth is: Practice only makes permanent. If you practice poor technique—then you’re going to get really good at being what? Poor at what you’re practicing…

And, unfortunately, this is what happens to so many sales teams. Instead of improving their skills, improving and practicing better techniques, many sales reps either keep using poor techniques, or they constantly ad-lib and make up new, poor, techniques and responses over and over again.

And guess what they make perfect? Poor performance. And this is compounded when managers and business owners think the answer is more activity. “Just make more calls, stuff more leads into the pipeline!”  And guess what you get?

More ad-libbing, more poor techniques, and more unqualified leads in the pipeline. This results in more frustration, and more money spent on leads that don’t close.

The solution is that if you want to get better—even perfect—at dealing with the recurring selling situations you face, day in and day out, you need to spend some time and energy learning the best responses and skills to these situations and then practice these skills and responses on each and every call.

Does it take more focus and attention and commitment? You bet. Does it pay off in the long run in terms of a more enjoyable career and a whole lot more money from making more sales? Absolutely! Will most sales people and managers reading this start improving their skills and begin practicing perfection? In my experience, sadly, no.

But those who do—and it only takes about 90 days to change a habit and get immeasurably better—enjoy a lifetime of benefits. I’ve seen sales reps go from the bottom rung to the top, buying homes, driving luxury cars, and providing for their families like they’ve always wanted to.

And it all starts by practicing perfection—rather than poor sales skills.

There are a lot of ways to get better: great books on sales, audio programs, pod casts, etc. It’s all available if you’re ready and willing to get better. I hope you are.

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