Sales Training Doesn’t Work and Four Other Common Myths About Sellers, Buyers, and Coaching

Author: VantagePoint
Posted: May 30th, 2019

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Myths are widely held but are often false beliefs or ideas. They arise and are hard to shake because they are usually based on perceived common sense and logical or long-held thinking. But, myths are myths: incorrect, untrue, and just plain wrong. You can’t afford to hold onto concepts simply because they feel right or seemed to work before. You’ve got too many deals and margins at stake, too many buyers to lose, and too many sellers to support, mentor, and evaluate. That’s why empirical research is such a critical resource for sales management and sales training. You don’t need to go on ‘gut feel’ or rely on vendor claims. Instead, you can use independent, academic information to adopt, develop, and customize sales training programs for your organization.


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