Getting Buy-In Before Going Over Price

Author: Mr. Inside Sales
Posted: June 2nd, 2019

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Want to instantly make asking for the sale easier?

Then make sure to get buy in that your prospect is sold on your solution before you go over pricing options.

If your sale cycle involves giving a demo or presentation that includes showing pricing options, then a mistake you may be making is moving into the pricing before you have confirmed that your prospect is completely sold that your solution will give them what they want (or help them accomplish what they need).

There is simple to fix—but like many simple solutions, it can be overlooked in your rush to ask for the sale. Here’s how it works:


First: Give your presentation as you do now, making sure to build a “Yes” momentum by using appropriate tie-downs and, later on, trial closes.


Second, before you get to your pricing options, ask the following questions first:

“That’s how this program works, so let me ask you: What questions do you have for me?”

Always ask this in a leading way, “What questions do you have..” rather than in a closed ended way: “Do you have any…”


Then answer any questions—or if they don’t have any—then ask:

“From what you’ve learned today (or: ‘from what we’ve gone over’), do you feel this would bring you (whatever it is they want—more conversions, more leads, better results or cost savings, etc.)?”

And then hit MUTE and let them fully answer..


If they are noncommittal or uncertain, then do not show pricing yet! Instead, engage with them to find out why they are hesitant:

“Do you mind sharing with me what you mean?” OR

“You know, I love to learn: what part of this don’t you feel would work for you?” etc.

If they do give you buy in, then you can go to your rate card or pricing guide, or whatever it is you use.


But the key is to first get buy in.

Begin incorporating this at the end of your presentations and what as your control of the sale—and your results—improve.

Further resources are available the Mr. Inside Sales blog by clicking here.

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Frontline Reps, B2B Sales, Closing Techniques, Cold Calling, Live Sales Meetings, Phone Sales, Sales Tips, Sales Tools


Cold Calling, Techniques, Scripts, Sales Skills, Closing, Meeting, Presentations, Tips, Best Practices, Effective, Tools