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AA-ISP Webinar Series: Five Steps to Bridging the Sales and Marketing Gap

Author: Matt Kinkaid, Brandcast
Posted: June 6th, 2019

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Misaligned sales and marketing teams cost companies upward of 10% of their revenue annually. This is due in large part to the amount of customer data that is lost from disparate sales and marketing cloud solutions that companies deploy to address one-off problems.

Join us as we take you through how to build an integrated sales and marketing cloud that empowers sales and marketing teams to better leverage customer data to build unique digital experiences that inform, engage, and delight buyers at each step of the sales process.

In these five steps, we'll teach you how by building an integrated sales and marketing tech stack you can increase your customer insights by 40% and improve your buyer's journey:

  1. Connect Your Clouds
  2. Use The Data
  3. Webify Everything
  4. Turn Your CRM Into A CMS
  5. Personalize At Scale


Matt Kinkaid, Brandcast



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