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AA-ISP Training Tuesday: 10 Quick Ways to Sell More By Spending More Time Selling

Author: Steve Woods,
Posted: June 11th, 2019

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Revenue happens when there is trust between a buyer and a seller.  To establish that trust, you need one thing - real conversations about actual business challenges.  The truth is, most sales teams only spend 37% of their time having, or preparing for, those conversations.  The rest of their time is spent on administrative work that adds no value to prospects and does nothing to help deals move forward.

Top-performing sales organizations work hard to maximize the amount of time their team spends out in the field (or on the phone) having real conversations with buyers.  That means taking a hard look at the tasks that are being done and ruthlessly removing any that can be eliminated.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • 10 areas that many sales teams are wasting time that could be eliminated
  • How the elimination of those time-wasters changes reality for both front-line sales reps and managers
  • Why it was not possible historically to eliminate those tasks, but is possible today

Training Tuesday Host:

Jen Gergen, AA-ISP


Steve Woods, Nudge



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