AA-ISP Webinar: Expert Chat - How to "Videoify" Your Sales Pitch

Author: Ellen Stafford, Ryan Reisert, Sam Griffard, Kristen McGee
Posted: July 18th, 2019

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Email. Voicemail. Social. Email. Email. Voicemail.

If you do outbound sales, you know the drill. You also know that it’s harder than ever to break through the noise and earn the trust of would-be buyers using the same old sales tactics.

Enter one-to-one video messaging. Video is one of the hottest trends in sales prospecting, and if you do it right you’ll stand out and connect with your prospects in a more personal and authentic manner.

We will learn from sales professionals from a variety of companies and backgrounds to learn how they use video in their roles and industries as they outline how to transform your scripts and email templates into engaging video concepts that you can easily create and scale for your own prospecting needs.

You’ll learn: 

  • Easy and effective ways to add video to your sales cadence
  • Tips to create videos that make a material change to your conversion rates
  • Creative ways to use webcam and screen capture videos
  • Best practices for creating an engaging narrative with video

Speaker Panel:

Ellen Stafford, Senior Manager, Business Development, Vidyard
Ryan Reisert, Co-founder & CEO, The Sales Developers
Sam Griffard, Sales Enablement Manager, Clearwater Analytics
Kristen McGee, Sales Development Manager, Dynamic Signal


Opportunity for the AA-ISP Community to Videoify Your Pitch: https://www.vidyard.com/videoify-my-pitch/ 


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