AA-ISP Webinar Series: Increase Your Close Rate With Digital Sales Proposals

Author: Matt Kinkaid, Brandcast
Posted: September 25th, 2019

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Every salesperson wants to increase their close rate.

That’s really what sales come down to. All the research, all the cold-calling, all the demos...they’re all in service of closing a deal.

Despite that, companies across all industries lose more business than they win. According to research from HubSpot, the average close rate across 28 different industries is only 19%. One of the main drivers for low close rates is offline sales content. PDF proposals are static, hard to read, and unengaging, often turning your buyer off when they're so close to signing the deal. Join us as we take you through how you can close more deals by sending digital proposals that engage your buyers, establish clear next steps, and push them over the finish line.

Session takeaways:

  • Why PDF proposals kill more deals than they close
  • Why digital sales proposals outperform PDF proposals
  • How to use digital sales proposals to increase your close rate


Matt Kinkaid, Brandcast



B2B Sales, Closing Techniques


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