The Rise of Inside Sales

Author: Tim Harris
Posted: October 10th, 2019

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Inside Sales reps are more in demand than ever before. Roughly ten get hired into a company for each outside sales representative hired. According to Forbes, inside Sales have grown 15X faster compared to outside sales in the United States alone. That’s over 750,000 jobs created every year for inside sales. Why the sudden rise in inside sales? There are a number of top-line benefits to inside sales models over traditional outside sales models that many companies have begun to discover. In addition, the rising costs and diminishing profit margins of outside sales across a number of industries are a cause for concern for global sales teams that are tasked with increasing quotas and revenue goals with a shrinking budget.

The Five Benefits of The Rise of Inside Sales will help you learn how your organization can reap the benefits of shifting to an inside sales model, and discusses:

  • The difference between inside sales and outside sales
  • Why your buyers prefer engaging with inside sales reps
  • How inside sales allows for scalability without increasing headcount
  • How inside sales improve alignment across departments
  • What the future of inside and outside sales looks like


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