Global Text Messaging Compliance Kit

Author: Thomas Parbs, SMS-Magic
Posted: October 24th, 2019

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Compliance is so important to the success of your text messaging strategies. Text messaging compliance is different than email and telephony compliance. That’s due to the additional layer of carrier compliance required with text messaging to assure the actual delivery of your messages. The key to effective text messaging compliance is to be sure you support both the legal and carrier requirements. That means that your vendor must have the technology in place to assure the variety of rules and requirements are met. That’s why SMS-Magic has included the questions to ask your vendor in this guide. Many vendors do not support the level of consent and audit tracking demanded by regulatory bodies. Additionally, few vendors have the infrastructure in place to effectively manage your messages to ensure carrier delivery, or to warn you of potential issues if you make a mistake with your messaging Sender IDs, content or volume and velocity.


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