North American and EU Guide to Regulatory Compliance

Author: Thomas Parbs, SMS-Magic
Posted: November 22nd, 2019

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This guide is organized by regulatory bodies and geographic regions to make it easier for you to find your local regulations. Text messaging falls under the same regulatory compliance laws as email and phone communications. These regulations vary greatly by country, and are becoming more stringent every year, thanks to the onslaught of spam and need for privacy in our digital world. Companies using business messaging must meet the regulatory requirements for the geographies and carriers in which they do business. Violating these standards can result in heavy fines and blocked communications. The diversity of regulations across different countries creates additional complexity for business text messaging users and administrators. This guide offers key insights and best practices recommendations into the regulations and requirements in major geographies around the globe. Since regulations change dynamically, we recommend that you work with a vendor who understands the regulatory requirements in your geographies, and who actively monitors changes and updates to protect you and your business from the potentially significant consequences of non-compliance.


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