State of Conversation Intelligence 2020 Report

Posted: October 18th, 2019

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Where do you stand? 

Do you know how the top performing sales teams do it? To demystify the secrets of the top performing sales teams, followed the data. is proud to bring you the State of Conversation Intelligence 2020 report. They analyzed over 5M sales calls from more than 300 companies to show you what works in each stage of the sales cycle. Review this report to see what high-performance sales teams are doing to close more deals. Interact with the data to see how your team measures up.

In the report, you'll find insights based on companies with a similar average deal size around benchmarks like: 

  • Types of objections you should prepare for early in the process 
  • How often and how quickly you should review calls after they take place
  • How many calls top performing reps listen to for self-coaching