Call Review Checklist for Junior Reps

Posted: November 15th, 2019

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In Close's How to successfully evaluate sales calls with your junior reps they outlined 7
attributes to judge your junior sales reps on during a sales call.

The 7 attributes were:
1. The goal: What should be the outcome of the call?
2. The pitch: How well does the rep know the sales pitch?
3. The facts: Is your rep being honest with their prospect?
4. The confidence: How comfortable is your rep?
5. The energy: Can your rep maintain a high energy?
6. The connection: Can your rep build rapport with their prospect?
7. The listening skills: How well does your rep listen to their prospect?

This checklist includes:
A brief explanation of why these attributes are important
A set of questions for each attribute
A scoring system or a YES/NO option
A room for improvement section for each attribute
A section with the main feedback for your rep

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