Selling In Sync: What To Do When Conflicting Beliefs Create a Sales Roadblock

Author: Steve Schmidt
Posted: December 12th, 2019

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It happens every day in sales organizations: a salesperson, in danger of missing quota, is implored by their manager to increase their sales activity.  This is particularly true as more companies charge people in non-traditional sales roles with identifying revenue opportunities.

But the low level of activity isn’t the problem; it’s only a symptom of the problem. And most organizations aren’t going beneath the surface to understand what the real problem is.  What’s going on beneath the surface?

This paper explores:

  • The real reason salespeople struggle to adopt a sales mindset
  • Four profiles of salespeople whose beliefs and values are out of sync
  • Tactics to help each profile overcome their obstacles
  • Latest data on what separates top performers from the pack
  • How sales leaders can remove roadblocks for their team


B2B Sales, Coaching, Motivation, Sales Tips, Sales Training


Motivation, Coaching, Talent, Productivity, Leadership, Performance, Sales Skills, Consistency, Confidence, Inside Sales, Effectiveness, Goals