“Can You Email That to Me?”

Author: Mr. Inside Sales
Posted: November 30th, 2019

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What’s the number one blow off/stall prospects use these days?

“Can you email that to me?”

They aren’t saying no, but they are still getting rid of you, aren’t they? And unfortunately, chasing down busy professionals—especially people who don’t want to be followed up with—will make reaching these prospects very frustrating…

The solution? Be prepared with a good script and a good strategy. The one I like most is to prepare an initial email in advance (it can be generic or it can include an initial quote of services) and have it ready to send at the touch of the send button.

And then when a prospect blows you off with, “Can you email that to me?” use the following script from the bestselling book of phone scripts: Power Phone Scripts:

“I’d be more than happy to do that—where would you like me to email that?” 

[Take their email down and then send your information right away.]

“O.K., it’s on the way to you. What I’d like to do right now is take just two minutes to get an idea of what’s important to you, and then I can direct you to that part of the information when you get around to it. Let me ask you:

“How do you get involved in ordering/handling/working with the XYZ?”


“From a needs standpoint, how motivated is (your company/department/are you) to change/fix/replace/buy XYZ right now?”


“What would you need to see in the information I just sent you for you to become interested in learning more?”  

If you follow this strategy, you’ll be ready to side step the email stall and get right back into qualifying. How great will that be?

Try this technique yourself and watch as you begin qualifying more buyers, or disqualifying those who just want to get you off the phone…

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