AA-ISP Webinar: Secrets to Scaling Outbound Sales in 2020 and Beyond

Author: Tom George, Noah Marks, Yehuda Berkowitz
Posted: December 12th, 2019

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How WalkMe built a modern outbound sales function that’s taken it from being a category creator to a revenue machine.

Buyers want to do business with Sellers who know their domain. However, if Reps are selling across multiple Buyers and Industries, how do we enable them to come across as a domain expert in every email and call?

WalkMe’s Noah Marks, VP of Revenue Operations and Strategy, and Yehuda Berkowitz, Senior Director of Demand Generation, will provide insights on how to leverage A.I. to make Reps domain experts in real time, slashing ramp time by 50% and doubling productivity.

  • Email personalization: Shift the pitch from product-centric to buyer-centric
  • Going deeper on Discovery: Lead with a domain-specific point of view
  • Competency-based Coaching: Share best practices in real-time

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about their use cases and A.I. in action.


Noah Marks, VP of Revenue Ops and Strategy
Yehuda Berkowitz, Senior Director of Demand Generation 
with Tom George, VP Customer Success at Tribyl, moderating

To learn more about Tribyl and understand how their A.I. solution could work in your organization, visit their website and consider signing-up for a demo.


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