AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Demos That Close Deals

Author: Dave Kennett, Replayz
Posted: February 11th, 2020

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One of the most critical, yet often overlooked stages in the sales process, is the DEMO. AA-ISP has partnered up with Dave Kennett to share a 1-hour deep dive into the Do's and Don'ts of demos that close deals.

Open to all, this Training Tuesday session will provide tips for all levels including: 

  • Account Executives - Improve Discovery and Demo
  • SDR's - There will be a discovery component and SDR's should learn to demo to position themselves for a promotion
  • Sales Leaders - Learn areas to focus on in the next sales huddle and training session

Those who attend will walk away with tips and tactics you can implement on your very next demo.

Speaker: Dave Kennett, Replayz


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